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Biocode searches return four types of documents:

  • Tissue sample documents – Each of these represents a tissue sample in the field database. Tissue documents contain collection information, and optionally taxonomy and photographs.
  • Plate documents – These represent a plate in the lab database, and contain a diagram of the wells, as well as the plate’s thermocycle and attached GEL images if available.
  • Workflow documents – These contain a linked set of reactions performed on an extraction.
  • Sequence documents - sequences entered into the LIMS when traces/assemblies are marked as pass/fail.

You can perform either a basic search or an advanced search. Basic searches are performed by entering text into the search box, and return all documents which have a field with a similar value to the text entered. You can restrict searches to particular types of documents by unchecking some of the checkboxes to the right of the search box.

Advanced search.png

Advanced searches explicitly search against particular fields. They are performed by clicking the “More Options” button. Click the + and – button to add and remove fields from the search. Choose the fields you want to search using the leftmost dropdown, and choose the search condition using the dropdown box to its right.

Here are some useful example searches:

  • Last Modified (LIMS) | Greater Than | 01-May-2010 – All work done after the beginning of May
  • Plate Name (LIMS) | Contains | “Plate1” – All plates which have the phrase “Plate1” somewhere in their name
  • Locus | Contains | “COI” – All COI workflows and plates