Preparing your documents for submission

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Genbank has stringent requirements for submitted sequences, so it is important that you correctly prepare your sequences before you begin the submission process. This section outlines the fields you will need for your submission, and how to attach them to your Geneious documents .

All fields that will be a part of your genbank submission need to be either entered in the submission dialog or annotated on your sequences. The following fields need to be annotated on your sequences:

  • Specimen Voucher/ID
  • Sequence ID
  • Collector
  • Collection date
  • Identified By
  • Organism

If you are submitting traces, it is less clear what fields will be required (as the requirements change depending on what sort of traces you are submitting). It is recommended that you check with the NCBI Trace Archive to prepare your traces.

Attaching data to your sequences

The Document Notes tab, from a group of selected contig documents (showing primer information attached).

The easiest way to attach data to your sequences is to include it in your FIMS database. That way when you download the traces from LIMS (or annotate the sequences with FIMS/LIMS data), the information will be automatically attached to your sequences.

If you are using the submission tool without a FIMS or LIMS, or you have extra information you want to attach, then you can use document notes. Document Notes appear as the rightmost viewer for any selected document(s), and enable you to store arbitrary information on your sequences. When you click on the notes tab, you will see a list of the notes currently added to your documents, displayed in name/value pairs. To add a note, click the Add Custom Note button in the toolbar to see a list of predefined note types. Any notes (and note fields) added to your documents will be able to be attached to your genbank submissions.

If you don't see a note type that meeds your needs, you can create your own by clicking Edit note types... Click the Create Note Type button in the note types dialog, and click the orange + buttons to add some note fields. We recommend choosing 'Text' as the field type for genbank fields. Once you have created your note type, add it to your selected documents by selecting it from the Add Custom Note... dropdown.

Any values you enter in the viewer will be applied to all selected documents when you click save.