Local LIMS

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The Biocode Plugin login screen, showing the add and remove database buttons.

This is intended for single or small scale users, and is a database that exists within your local copy of Geneious.

To create a new database, click on the “Add Database” button, enter a name for your new database, and click “Ok”. A new, empty database will be created for you.

If you have already created a database, select it from the dropdown.

Note: other users of Geneious will not be able to connect to any LIMS databases that you create as a local database. To create a LIMS database that you can use to share data with other people, please see Remote LIMS.

The Local LIMS databases are stored within your local Geneious user directory, so they will be backed up if you choose to do a Geneious backup (choose the "Back Up" button from the main Geneious toolbar). It is suggested that you back up your Geneious data regularly to avoid losing data.