Remote LIMS

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The Biocode plugin login screen

The remote LIMS is intended for labs and research groups where the lab data needs to be shared between, and edited by a large number of users.

To set up a remote LIMS server, you will need MySQL, available from

  • Download an install the MySQL server software on a server which as accessible by everyone who needs to use the LIMS.

The next step is to create a blank schema. You can store multiple LIMS database on the one server, but each database must have its own schema.

  • Create a schema, and visit the Download page to obtain the script required to create a blank LIMS database.
  • You will need to create at least one user account with read/write access to this schema

To connect to the LIMS database, you need to choose "Remote Server" in the biocode login screen within Geneious.