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Primer fields display a list of primers in your local database. To create a new primer in Geneious, click “New Sequence” in the sequence menu, and select “Primer” as the type. Then enter your sequence in the dialog and click ok. Primers set on reactions will be saved to the lab bench database so that they can be viewed by others without you needing to send them your primer library.

If you have a large number of primers, you may want to organize your primers by type. You can do this by storing your primers in a folder structure in Geneious (for example you could store all your primers for a particular locus in the same folder, or store your primers by taxonomy). This folder structure will be displayed when you choose your primers when editing wells in your plate.

Choosing Primers

The primer chooser dialog, showing your primers by folder.

To choose a primer (or primers) for your wells in the plate editor, select the wells you want to edit, and click "edit selected wells". Select the primer you want to edit, and click the "Choose" button. You can choose any primer from your database, and it will be applied to all the selected wells.

Note: Only primers you have set on wells are stored in the LIMS database. Primers that have not been set on wells exist only in your local copy of Geneious and cannot be seen by others accessing the LIMS.

Extracting primers from the LIMS

Primers set on reactions in the LIMS exist only on that reaction. They do not form a library which you can choose from when you create your own reactions (primers stored locally in your own Geneious database form that library). If you see a primer in use in the LIMS that you would like to use yourself, you may save it by opening the edit reactions dialog (click 'Edit Selected Reactions' in the plate viewer), and then clicking the 'Add primers to my database' button.