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The MySQL FIMS Connector is useful for research groups who have an existing FIMS system backed by a MySQL Database, or by groups who want a collaborative FIMS system without storing their data remotely in a Fusion Table.

Your MySQL Database must conform to the following:

  • Your data must be accessible through only only one table (although you can often achieve this with views).
  • You can have as many columns as you like, but you must have at least a tisssue ID column, whose values are unique for each row in your table.
  • You must have at least one column corresponding to taxonomy
  • The Biocode plugin will skip over columns with a blob datatype (with the exception of text-based blobs such as longtext

How to connect

An example configuration of a table-based FIMS database

Right click on the biocode icon in the Geneious service panel (on the left hand side of the main window), and click login.

  • Choose "MySQL Database" in the uppermost dropdown.
  • Enter the server, port, database, table, and user credentials in the fields provided.
  • Click Update Columns