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For single users, or users who cannot set up a FIMS server, the EXCEL FIMS is the easiest way to connect to a specimen/tissue database. Geneious will read data from an excel workbook that you supply, and convert the rows into specimen/tissue records.

Your excel workbook must conform to the following:

  • Your workbook should have only one sheet. If you have more than one sheet, only the first sheet will be read.
  • You can have as many columns as you like, but you must have at least a tisssue ID column, whose values are unique for each row in your table.
  • You must have at least one column corresponding to taxonomy
  • The first row of the table should be the names of the columns. The other rows should contain the data.

How to connect

The Biocode login dialog, showing an EXCEL sheet set up as a FIMS database.

Right click on the biocode icon in the Geneious service panel (on the left hand side of the main window), and click login.

  • Choose "EXCEL FIMS" in the uppermost dropdown, and enter the location of the EXCEL file.