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The plate editor with a custom color scheme. Displaying extraction id, primers in both directions, and reaction cocktail
The display options for the above plate configuration.

The plate editor can display any number of fields from your FIMS or LIMS database. Click the "Display Options" button in the toolbar to open the display dialog.

The split-pane at the center of the dialog allows you to choose which fields to display on your wells. The available fields are shown in the left hand pane. Select the fields you want to display, and click the right arrow to move them to the right hand pane. Select fields in the right hand pane and click the left arrow to return them to the right hand panel, and stop them from being displayed in the wells. Once you have chosen your fields to display, you can choose their order using the up/down arrows on the right hand side of the dialog. The fields will appear in the wells in the order you choose here.

The bottom part of the dialog controls the well coloring. Wells are colored by one field, with each different value for that field being given a different color. Choose the field you are interested in, and all possible values will be displayed below it. You can change the color of any value by clicking it.

You can save any settings you make here as a template by clicking the "Select a template" button at the top of the dialog, and clicking "Create template". Click the "Save as Default" button to make that template the default (separate defaults are stored for Extraction, PCR, and Sequencing plates).

Note: Display preferences are not saved with the plate, so in order to preserve the view for your plate, you should save your settings as a template, and/or set it to the default for the reaction type.