Bulk Editing

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The bulk editor for a PCR plate

The bulk-editor allows you to edit all the reactions in the plate at once by pasting in fields from an EXCEL file or similar. Click the “Bulk-edit wells” button in the toolbar of the plate editor to bring up the bulk editor.

Bulk-Editing PCR and sequencing plates

Paste your lists of id’s into the columns. The well locations are displayed on the left hand side of each column to make placement easier. The next step is to fill in the Locus column. You can fill in the entire column with identical values by clicking Set All (see figure). You do not have to enter anything in the workflow id column. Click autodetect workflows to automatically fill the column with the most recent workflow created for each extraction, and the locus you specified.

If the workflow fields remain blank, that means that there are no workflows that match your extraction and locus. New workflows will be created when you save the plate. A blank entry in the workflow column indicates that a new workflow will be created for that reaction.

Protip: Click Swap Direction to swap between reading across and down and down and across along the plate.

Bulk-Editing extraction plates

The bulk editor for extraction plates is similar to the editor for PCR and sequencing plates, with the addition of tissue id, extraction barcode, and parent extraction columns. The bulk editor also provides a few extra convenience features when creating an extraction plate. If you are creating an extraction plate, A number of convenience tools are available to you in the Tools menu.

  • Get Tissue Id’s from archive plate to fill your plate with extraction ids from the FIMS database (either from extraction or tissue archive plates). This feature is automatically enabled for the Moorea Biocode FIMS database. If you are using an EXCEL FIMS database, you need to have plate and well columns in your spreadsheet, and to set those in the login screen.
  • Generate Extraction Id’s automatically generates appropriate extraction ids based on your tissue sample ids’.
  • Import Extraction Barcodes allows you to import barcode values directly from the output file of the scanner if you are using 2D well barcodes.